Rank on google with your articles.

"Follow some rules and start ranking? Is it really that simple?"

Yes, it is.

Let me explain.

In 1994, a college student with an urge to share information created the first blog.

Soon, Larry Page and Sergey Brin launched Google in 1998. And a whole new era of the internet started.

Google search quickly became the most effective way to find information. And we learned that showing up on Google is a great for business.

Because people put trust on the search results.

The articles from big news portals often provide good information. But our trust goes to the independent blogger with no agenda.

Are we on the same page?

So blogs are where experts share their knowledge – a great way to add value to their niche.

This is where potential clients, users, or fans show up. It’s where they meet us for the first time. It’s where they hear about our business.

The more value we provide, the more likely readers will love your brand and buy from you.

And? How do we get people to our blogs?

This is what we call SEO. SEO is a fickle one, often a source of frustrations for many. And most people give up before it starts working. Trust me, I've quit a few times in the past.

Any of these sound familiar?

  • You feel scattered across a ton of different tools and stacks
  • Finding yourself stitching multiple ChatGPT content together?
  • Afraid of using AI?
  • You feel like the article is not good enough
  • You don’t know what is missing from the article
  • You feel like you can get more from ChatGPT
  • You feel overwhelmed about re-writing your blog posts
  • You don’t have a checklist for quality assurance

I promise, there is a better way.

And that’s why we’ve created edyt.ai. We put the tools together to make writing blogs easier.

Let's agree with this principle.

In essence, our blogs show up on search when we:

  • Target keywords that no one else is targeting. You will show up for your uniqueness.
  • Create blogs so beneficial that everyone loves. You will crush any competition, and will show up.

It is the mix of these two strategies that gets us the impressions and clicks.

So we create the mix of tools to make this as easy as possible.

This all sounds good, but how does edyt.ai make it easier?

You can easily generate top ranking blogs by following simple steps.

  1. Use AI to generate the base
  2. Use Edytor to make it better
  3. Optimize for SEO

Staying creative takes concentration. We want you to concentrate on writing. And leave the rest to us. If you’ve seen surferSEO, RankMath or Hemingway, you already know what this is all about.

We combine these tools, and add AI value generation on top. Like searching, summarizing, adding tables and lists, FAQs, and optimizing for SEO.

All of these are possible by using chatGPT in combination with Hemingway and other apps.

But we just put it all together so you don’t have to use multiple tools.

You can start now for Free.

There’s nothing that’s holding you back from starting to see your articles rank on SEO. I’m doing it, my clients are doing it, all of our users are doing it. We are all crushing it.

Let's carve out some internet space together.

Start for Free.

Generate articles in seconds, let our AI do the work for you.

Sit back and relax.


Add research, tables and lists to make your content valuable.

Takes a click to include them in your content.


Crawl your website and optimize existing contents with a click.

Improve them with our tools and re-launch.


How do you ensure the quality of your contents?

We've analyzed over 10 thousand articles and 10 million words and counting.

Articles Processed
Guaranteed Satisfaction
SEO Experience Required

On average, top ranking contents display the following characteristics.

  • 1,100 words per article
  • 16 words per sentences
  • 2.5 sentences per paragraph
  • 41 words per paragraph
  • Image per 220 words

Simply use our edytor to ensure content quality and Start to Rank.

Never second guess whether your content is enough.


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